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Saanich Student Loves Fencing


When Marc first arrived in Saanich from Hong Kong in September, he hoped to find a local Fencing Club to join. “Back home in Hong Kong, we had a fencing club at school. It is very popular over there, we even have competitions between the schools." Although Marc enjoys many sports, fencing has become his favourite. I have been fencing for three years now. I like the individual nature of it. You have to rely on yourself and I like that.” Marc has joined the Capital City Fencing Club in Victoria and practises three evenings a week for two hours at a time. He can compete with other club members and receives coaching from several adult mentors.

“Our schedule was a bit different in Hong Kong because we practised twice a week afte r school and again on Saturdays. But I’m glad I can continue with my fencing and get this amount of practice time here.” Marc’s coach is happy to have him in the club. “He is a very good fencer and we are delighted to have a new member with his skill, send us more like him.”


Marc is looking forward to the many interclub competitions that take place throughout the fencing season. “Our first tournament is at UBC in Vancouver in early November and then I will have to decide which other competitions to participate in throughout the season.” Marc is also enjoying Claremont School and appreciates the differences between school life in Saanich and what he is used to in Hong Kong.

“I like school here, the teachers are very good. The teaching and learning is much more interactive, not so much sitting and listening as in Hong Kong schools .The semester system is good, it is more relaxed because we only have to focus on four courses at a time rather than the thirteen I am used to in Hong Kong. The weather is great, it is more comfortable, not so hot and sticky as back home so it just makes it easier to do things.”